Compact Action Breakdown and Reassembly



Before disassembling your rifle please unload and clear your rifle as described in the unloading directions.

  1. Reverify your rifle is unloaded and return the bolt and carrier into battery.
  2. Partially push the rear takedown pin and the front pivot pin from the left so they are not captured by the detents that retain them in the receiver in the closed position. Use a plastic takedown pin punch if needed.
  3. Pull the rear takedown pin the rest of the way to the right side of the lower receiver until it engages the detent that holds the pin in the open position.
  4. Pivot the lower receiver away from the upper receiver.
  5. Pull the front pivot pin the rest of the way to the right side of the lower receiver until it engages the detent that holds the pin in the open position.
  6. The upper and lower receivers are now separated; set the upper receiver aside.
  7. Pick the upper receiver up. Pull the charging handle all the way to the rear to push the action assembly out of the upper receiver. Place the upper receiver aside.
  8. Remove the action assembly bumper by pushing it up from underneath the action assembly. Place this part aside.
  9. Remove the backplate. Place the action assembly bolt-side first down on a flat surface and depress both springs by hand to take the tension off the backplate, which can now slide freely off the guide rods. Carefully remove springs from the guide rods.
  10. Remove guide rods from the carrier assembly. Once the springs are removed, they should be free to slide forward out of the carrier key. This will also allow the anti-bounce weight to be removed from the carrier assembly.
  11. Remove the firing pin retaining pin from the left side of the bolt carrier group.
    1. WARNING: If your BCG is marked stating that a Titanium Firing Pin is installed, only replace with a genuine CMMG titanium firing pin. Please contact customer service with questions.
  12. Tilt bolt face up and remove the firing pin from the rear of the bolt carrier.
  13. For DI firearms, push bolt into the carrier until it rotates and comes to a stop (in battery position). This will align the cam pin with a recess in the carrier key for removal. RDB firearms align the carrier key and the cam pin for removal without any additional steps. 
  14. For DI firearms, turn the cam pin 90 degrees and lift it out from the bolt and carrier. For RDB firearms, use a flat head screwdriver to pull the head of the cam pin up towards the carrier key. Turn the carrier upside down and gently tap on a flat surface to remove the cam pin from the carrier and bolt.
  15. Pull bolt forward out of the carrier. Set the carrier aside.
  16. With a punch, remove the extractor pin from the bolt assembly. Slight pressure applied to the extractor will ease removal of the extractor pin.
  17. Remove the extractor. The extractor spring and elastomer insert should be captured in the extractor; do not remove the spring and elastomer from the extractor.


Your rifle is now field stripped for cleaning.

Do not disassemble your firearm any further than described. Any maintenance that requires further disassembly should be performed by CMMG or a qualified gunsmith.